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The Privacy Policy is designed to explain what concerns the collection, use and distribution of personal information. Your rights and responsibilities is also used for the different choices you have about the way your information is collected and used to describe, and provides information on how to access, update or delete any information you have provided. qualify OLA, dedicated to improving trust among online marketers and consumers like you. This means that, with respect to the collection, use and distribution of personal information have been met. Guidelines on transparency, accountability and choice This only applies to information we collect through this website and does not apply to information collected by websites or third party lenders. If you have any questions about our policy or practices that have made privacy, please contact us via e-mail.

our Purpose

In this paper, may be cited as we”, “our”, “us”, “website” or “website”. We have a database of potential clients known as the “service” through the use of this website. We can use any number of advertisements in the media, third parties and affiliates to promote and advertise this site and add the service.

Every time you fill out an application or providing any information to, your name and contact information will be added to our database. By providing this information, you agree to be contacted by and marketing agencies who have joined us via sms, e-mail, mail and telephone. You will continue to receive these messages until you decide to select one or all of them, and you can cancel at any time.

If you wish to unsubscribe to the notifications or our partners, you can do so by following the unsubscribe link which can be found at the bottom of communications from us or emailing us. If you opt-out, we will provide this information, the information for the seller or company that, so your contact information can be forwarded removed was obtained. Their databases can only guarantee your name from our database and databases of companies with whom we are connected shall be eliminated; We can never stop being responsible for marketing and promotional communications from all third-party companies are held.

The costs associated with short-term loans

Since the APR associated with the loan are higher than those associated with other forms of consumer credit, these loans have the potential to be expensive. Most of the time, will take the form of fees and interest. Consumers on average 20% of the total loan amount, however, these rates can fluctuate widely and set. By individual lenders and regional legislation For more information on the average costs associated with short-term loans, please contact the Consumer Federation of America, a group that calculations with respect to performance industry.

Protecting your privacy

We understand that protecting your privacy and your personal information is very important, especially with the advanced technology of today. We collect only the transactions you request to process and answer your questions via this website. If you are a current or former customers never share your information with anyone outside of our affiliated lenders and customer relations.

We want you to enjoy your experience using our website and we felt safe at all times. We have this policy in order to offer them security and to inform you about the way your information is collected, used and created distribution. If you choose to use this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the policy in whole or in part, we ask that you stop using this website and leave immediately.

Policy on the use of minors

This website is intended for use by persons over 18 years. Never collect any information from anyone under 18 years of age.

The use and collection of your information

We collect information from our customers, both existing and potential, to offer products and services that the questions in which they have expressed interest. Them them Users have the right to opt out of receiving communications from us and our external relationships at any time. Although not all the information we ask you to provide is absolutely necessary to provide you with a short term loan, much of it is. Required information includes your name, email address, phone number, address, work phone number, name and telephone number of the employer, mortgage balance and interest on the mortgage, the loan amount you want to receive and the best time to contact you.

There is also some information that we may collect about your computer for statistics to help analyze how our website is used to generate our visitors. We Some of this information includes your IP address, operating system, your browser, the dates and times you have seen our website and the website from which. We use this information to improve the quality of services we offer, including how these services are delivered to improve, and to generally improve our website. You will never receive, without permission, and when you provide information to updates from us, you are providing us this permission.

Right to opt out

You can continue to request us to stop sending promotional or marketing communications at any time. Our opt-out process can also choose to delete by disabling your account with us. Their information from our database completely To do this, email us and let us 10 days to complete the request. Unsubscribe SMS communication, you can reply to a received message with the words “STOP“, “STOP” or “END”.

Policy on sharing information

Bigskycash.comnever sell your information to others, but the information can be provided. various members of third parties who are responsible for supporting us in fulfilling your requests Our lenders, companies that provide companies customer service and shipping have access to this information, for example. However, these entities are only allowed to use your information to fulfill their obligations to us. We may also disclose your information in the following circumstances:

If we are involved in a merger, sale or acquisition. If this happens, our database which contains your personal information is likely to be considered as part of our assets will be transferred accordingly. In this case and in the case the way your information is collected, used or disclosed are changed, you are provided with a communication via email.
If you have data to share information with third parties consent
If we are required by law to share, as when we receive a court order or subpoena your information
If you believe that you are sharing information is necessary to protect our rights or the rights of others
During the alleged or actual fraud investigations
When a government agency requires us to provide data

Similarly, we may disclose your personal information to offer, so we can announce to you. Its products and services to other subsidiaries You can email us if you do not want to share in this way your personal information.

Sharing information with affiliates

By providing your personal information through any form of communication with, you agree to be contacted by various third-party affiliates are responsible for providing you with the products and services you request. An affiliate is a company that has a legal contract with Any information you provide will be shared to inform you about products and services in which you have expressed interest. With lenders, banks and brokers of their application or other media

Use of Cookies

A small piece of information – – when you visit our web site, we set a cookie on your computer. This essentially cookie allows our website and your computer can communicate with each other for the purpose of user identification, session identification, authentication, remember your login information, and store your preferences. While you will be able to reject your browser settings, cookies from our website, please note that you may have. Access to the full range of products and services we offer if you choose to do this if the cookies are used to track your interests, your personal information may be linked to them.

Third Party Cookies

Our affiliates or third parties may also use cookies to offer you products and services. If this is the case, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the use of these cookies; should evaluate the policies of these third parties and affiliates for more information. These groups often use so-called session ID cookies to deliver relevant ads or charge. Anonymous information about your use of the web sites

Links to external websites

You can find links to other websites of several while browsing. If you decide exit through one of these links, you do so at your own risk and are advised to carefully review the privacy policies of these websites. If we’re branded with business, you will be given clear information about which company is collecting your personal information.


Top-rated and only use industry recognized software and security procedures to protect personal information you provide to us. Your information is protected by protocols and security software as it is transmitted through the web, and after we have received. Since there is no security measure is 100% safe, you can never guarantee that data will not be obtained. Illegal not be responsible if your data have been obtained illegally. responsible

Adjust your information

You have the right to the information provided to update. Us at any time to view, update, correct, modify or delete the information you have concerns, please send us an e-mail. from

Tell you about the changes

We may make changes to make the time. In this Privacy Policy at its discretion if the changes we make affect how we collect, use or distribute any personal information to you by e-mail data, if you have even excluded from marketing communications. You should read this Privacy Policy for changes each time you use this website you judge to be well informed about the ways in which we can follow. Protecting Your Privacy

Site Updates and

Although you have the right to withdraw from and refrain from marketing communications and our external partners, has no right to opt out of certain communications important updates about our site and services. If you are not already interested in the products or services we offer, you have the right to disable your account. Completely To do so, please contact us via e-mail.

Information shared with the co-branded companies

Branded companies are those whose names appear on a date or receives an application through If the name of this company is the application or proposal, the products or services you receive are only controlled by the enterprise. However, these companies will share monitoring purposes. Your information with us

Do-Not-Call Registry Compliance

When you go provide information through an application or correspondence, you consent regardless of their status in the Record of Do-Not-Call. Made by us and our third parties contacted

Retention of Information

The information will be retained by us for as long as your account is active. Using forms, applications or notices provided to us by If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use it for any purpose, your information, please contact us via e-mail. Your information will still be used for as long as necessary to resolve disputes, to protect our rights and fulfill all legal obligations, even after requesting to have removed from our database.